What the PRO Edition offers


With the FREE Edition of Ctfreak, only one task execution can be processed at a time, so all tasks will run sequentially, regardless of the scheduling.

This limitation is quite bearable for personal use:

  • scheduled backup of a nextcloud server, a wordpress blog
  • home automation (calling a webhook via curl to open/close the shutters, …)

Or a small company:

  • chained backups of the website, mail server and ERP
  • generation and sending of weekly reports by email

The PRO Edition remove this limitation and allows the execution of thousands of tasks concurrently.

Unlimited users

You are only able to create a maximum of 3 users with the FREE Edition. This limitation is lifted in the PRO Edition.


Email support is available at

Note: Only emails from the address used to subscribe to the PRO Edition will be taken into account.

License key

The FREE Edition is the default license (when you start Ctfreak for the first time) of Ctfreak.

You can upgrade to the PRO Edition at any time by purchasing a license key.

Once you have your key, activate it by logging in to the UI as an administrator, then go to Settings -> License -> Edit.

Your Ctfreak instance will automatically switch back to the FREE Edition when:

  • your license key expires or is revoked
  • your license key is used on another instance of Ctfreak
  • the validity of your license key could not be verified for several days
  • you remove your license key.