The best way to try Ctfreak is to:

  • Your choice:
    • Download the binary for your operating system, open a terminal and run it with ctfreak run
    • Or run docker run --name ctfreak -p 6700:6700 -e TZ=Europe/Paris jypsoftware/ctfreak if your prefer to use docker
  • Navigate to http://localhost:6700
  • Log in with the default user: admin / password: ctfreak
  • Try to:
    • Add an SSH credential (private key or password)
    • Add a node in internal nodes node source and assign it the previously created SSH credential
    • Create a project
    • Create a command task within that project to run echo "Hello Word" on the node
    • Execute the task
    • Check for the “Hello Word” message in the execution’s log
    • Congrats 🎉 ! You did your first Ctfreak task !