Internal users can communicate with Ctfreak using a RESTful JSON API.

For example to launch a task on the demo server, we start by getting a token for the demo user account (username: demo / password: demo):

  "access_token": "N4tbVp4iAGtJ-_HsfNjuRuyG79wL7xLsz1TpNLxi7B0=",
  "token_type": "Bearer",
  "userId": "01G9DEW9AAGQNEVZWF7QZ98WNA"

And we use this token to launch a task (get the taskId displayed in the web UI)

  • Header:
    Content-Type: application/json
    Authorization: Bearer N4tbVp4iAGtJ-_HsfNjuRuyG79wL7xLsz1TpNLxi7B0=
  • Body:
    "taskId": "01G9SAGYJM6544WZR8P3W7XB5Q"