Manual installation on Windows

System requirements

  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • Windows 10 and above
  • AMD64 architecture
  • An active internet connection during installation.
  • An active internet connection for at least 2 hours per day to allow license check (for the STARTUP & PRO Edition only).


To install CTFreak as a service, we will rely on sc command.

Copy downloaded ctfreak.exe binary to C:\ctfreak\ctfreak.exe.

Execute (as an administrator):

sc.exe create "CTFreak" binpath= "C:\ctfreak\ctfreak.exe run" start= auto displayname= "CTFreak"
sc.exe start "CTFreak"

NB: As long as you have downloaded the executable from this site, you can ignore the warning message that the executable is unsigned.

Navigate to http://localhost:6700.

Log in with the default user: admin / password: ctfreak.

To complete this installation, we encourage you to configure a reverse proxy.



sc.exe stop "CTFreak"
sc.exe delete "CTFreak"

Delete C:\ctfreak folder.



sc.exe stop "CTFreak"

Copy new downloaded ctfreak.exe binary to C:\ctfreak\ctfreak.exe.


sc.exe start "CTFreak"