External node source

When you have a significant amount of nodes, it can be tedious to enter them one by one in the internal node source, so CTFreak also allows you to import them in bulk from a file or URL.

Add an external node source

To add an external node source, log in to the UI as an administrator, go to Node → New external node source and complete the form:


A name to identify the node source.


Depending on the origin of the nodes to import: URL or File.


(For URL node source only)

The URL to query (with a GET request).


(For File node source only)

The path of the local file to be loaded.

Scheduled sync

Like tasks, you can schedule the reloading of nodes from its source.

Cron expression

Cron expression to use for node source with scheduled sync.


SSH credential to use to connect to all the node.

Expected file format for File node source

- name: myAwesomeLinuxServer
    - webserver
    - postgres
  username: firstuser
  osFamily: UNIX
  sshPort: 22
- name: myAwesomeWindowsServer
    - exchange
  username: seconduser
  osFamily: WINDOWS
  sshPort: 22

Expected response format for URL node source

    "name": "myAwesomeLinuxServer",
    "tagNames": [
    "username": "firstuser",
    "hostname": "",
    "osFamily": "UNIX",
    "sshPort": 22
    "name": "myAwesomeWindowsServer",
    "tagNames": [
    "username": "seconduser",
    "hostname": "",
    "osFamily": "WINDOWS",
    "sshPort": 22